The San Luis Valley BOCES Induction Program is the result of a collaborative endeavor by the San Luis Valley school districts and San Luis Valley BOCES. New teachers, special service providers and/or principals, administrators are enrolled in the program and work with mentors in their district to participate in an induction program designed to aid their transition into the district and enhance their professional capacity. Successfully completing the induction program allows the teacher, special service provider and/or principal, administrator to be eligible to apply for a professional license from the Colorado Department of Education. If you have questions, please contact San Luis Valley BOCES at (719) 589-5851.





Induction Program


Why would I need an Induction Program?



·      Participation in an induction program is required by the Colorado Department of Education in order to convert a three-year initial teaching, special services, or administrative license to a professional one with a five-year term.

·      Interim, alternative, and emergency or temporary authorizations are not eligible to participate and the license-holder must be working in a position that requires that licensure.

·      The induction program provides a new professional staff member with professional support directly related to the skills and knowledge their district will expect them to use.

·      New professional staff members are expected to participate in the induction program during their first year of teaching unless exempted by their district administration.


The San Luis Valley BOCES Induction Program is approved to work with the following:

  •        Teacher
  •        Special Service Providers
  •        Administrative License
  •        Principals
  •        Counselors






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Michelle Sisneros

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